Your questions
about prenatal + postpartum
fitness – answered.

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You don’t need to have any equipment! I will bring with me all the equipment we need to have a great workout.

I often work in small spaces, all we need to do is create enough space for a single yoga mat. Sometimes it might mean we push a coffee table to the side or do part of our workout in the kitchen but I promise we’ll make it work!


Absolutely! Working together with a friend is so much fun and increases your accountability. It also has the added bonus of making personal training more affordable.


Yes! I love having kids present during our sessions. It’s a great way to model healthy behavior and teach them about the importance of exercise as self-care. Sometimes kids want to participate in the exercises and sometimes they are happy to just be observers, either works for me!

Not to worry. I know naps and feedings don’t always work out as planned. We’ll work together to make it the most comfortable environment for your little one as possible, whether this means we have you holding the baby during exercises or I’m holding the baby while instructing you. If we have to take break for breastfeeding we can use the time to talk about other health-promoting behaviors such as nutrition or physical activity throughout your week.

Generally, most women wait to start exercising until they have their 6 week postpartum follow up. That being said I have started training women around 4 weeks postpartum with clearance from their care provider and others wait several months before returning to exercise! My advice would be to listen to your body, take the time to rest and recover and when you feel ready and have clearance then begin gradually.


I’m a Kinesiologist and Exercise Physiologist with a Pre and Postnatal Coaching certification so no I do not offer physiotherapy.  My expertise is in exercise rehabilitation, personal training, and nutrition coaching.  I encourage all of my postpartum clients to check in with a pelvic floor physio at least once after birth because they have the ability to diagnose and assess your pelvic floor internally and externally whereas my sessions are pants-on!


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